The Big R

Here it is, Alto-Shorter has been relaunched!

This is, for me, a new way to use my site. Previously, I tried to make it more like a portfolio, shoving all comics to sub domains and what not. Since then, I refocused Alto-shorter into being a brand and hub for publishing my own projects.

So, (almost)no more fan art for once. I still have DA, tumblr, and CGhub galleries to publish all that stuff, but A-S will stick only to original content and comics.

Speaking of which: I’m keeping all comics in the main site. I’m using Michael Sisk’s webcomic add on for WordPress to manage my publishing of comics. It has a feature where I can separate each series into a distinct collection. That way Cantina Limbo, which I’m making more pages for, will have its own collection without being delegated to a subdomain and you can browse the comic without being interrupted by other books I might be making at the time.

There will be a Patreon page for Alto-Shorter. You want to support the cause, but don’t have enough space for all my books and stuff? Then head on over there and pledge to keep operations going!

The sidebar will also have my convention schedule, and the blog will feature posts regarding my projects, convention reports, random pieces of art and what not.

As for a marketplace, I have two stores: A Storenvy page for all things physical, and a Gumroad for all things digital. I wish I could do both, but some of these sites charge for digital storage.

Pardon the mess.