Patreon and RSS added

I’ve mentioned on my twitter before, but I have a Patreon page. If you want to support my efforts, but don’t have enough space for my stuff, then head on down there. It’s barebones at the moment, but I’ll add more as I reach goals and what not. I’ve also finally added an RSS feed. So far it doesn’t show any comic post, but I’ll change that as soon as

Moonlight Rrriot

The books are here! Moonlight Rrriot is a Sailor Moon based fanzine that me and my friend Ferddy Fred came up back in Octoboer. We asked a whole bunch of friends to submit comics and fan art. The book will debut at this year’s STAPLE, and a few of the contributors are going to be there as well. So come on by, get yourself a copy and have it signed

The Woes of Web Design

On of the biggest hurdle I’ve dealt with was designing around the Webcomic plug in at certain areas. Michael Sisk’s Webcomic is a great tool that keeps being updated to keep up with WordPress’. I’ve tried ComicPress before, but I found it too complicated when it came to posting and organizing comics. One thing that keeps bugging me though is the lack of options when it comes to sidebars. You