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Cantina Limbo’s in Limbo

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So, I’m not sure where to place Cantina Limbo at the moment. When I redesigned the site, I removed Webcomic/Inkblot and replaced it with Comic Easel for faster loading time. Originally I meant for Cantina Limbo to be part of the main site, but now I don’t think that’s quite working out. I have plans […]

AFest Badge Art

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With AnimeFEST come and gone, I’m now able to post the badge art I did for the event. These were for, in order, Panels, Press, Media, Pooled members, and Artist Alley. Afest was pretty fun, I had pieces at the art show, and I did my very first panel. Next stop, Alamo City Comic Con!

Capital City Comic-Con and Screw Attack Gaming Convention

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As you know, I’ll be at Capital City Comic con this weekend selling copies of Cantina Limbo and Moonlight Rrriot, as well as taking commissions. What you don’t know is that a game I helped develop, Shark Bros, will be available for play at Screw Attack Gaming Convention‘s Indie Heaven. It’ll be part of Dallas […]

Graphical Update and Conventions

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I changed some of the graphics on the site so it won’t be as cramped as previously. Also, I was exhibiting at the North Texas Comic Book Show last Saturday in Dallas. It was a fun, but I was running on fumes the whole day. That’s what happens when you don’t sleep the night before. […]