Author: Ho-Seh Esquivel

STAPLE Post-Mortem

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STAPLE was a huge success! This was my fifth year doing the Austin-based convention, and I initially didn’t want to attend in favor of the Dallas Comic and Pop Exp happening at the same time. However, thanks to some persuasion by a friend, I came back after a one year hiatus. First of all, Moonlight […]

Cantina Limbo Updated

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Cantina Limbo returns with a new page! Check it!

Moonlight Rrriot

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The books are here! Moonlight Rrriot is a Sailor Moon based fanzine that me and my friend Ferddy Fred came up back in Octoboer. We asked a whole bunch of friends to submit comics and fan art. The book will debut at this year’s STAPLE, and a few of the contributors are going to be […]

The Woes of Web Design

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On of the biggest hurdle I’ve dealt with was designing around the Webcomic plug in at certain areas. Michael Sisk’s Webcomic is a great tool that keeps being updated to keep up with WordPress’. I’ve tried ComicPress before, but I found it too complicated when it came to posting and organizing comics. One thing that […]