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AnimeFEST 2014

Hello, all! Last week I attended this year’s San Diego Comic Con. It was my very first time, and I had a blast!

With that said, I’m making preparations for AnimeFEST, Aug 15-17, in Dallas, TX. I have a table at the Bizarre Bazaar, like always, but now I’ll have a panel on comics I’ll be running along with Brian Delaney of Silver Sparrow Comics. We will focus on marketing, technology, and ways to make one’s brand unique.

I was also invited to create the badge art for some of the departments. I’m not allowed to show them yet until the show is over, but as compensation I get a whole art show panel to hang pieces.

Stay tuned for some updates before the show.

Graphical Update and Conventions

I changed some of the graphics on the site so it won’t be as cramped as previously.

Also, I was exhibiting at the North Texas Comic Book Show last Saturday in Dallas. It was a fun, but I was running on fumes the whole day. That’s what happens when you don’t sleep the night before.

I also need to let you all know about three upcoming conventions I’ll be at:

Dallas Comic Con – May 16-18

Comicpalooza – May 23-26

Capital City Comic Con – July 11-13

There’s also AnimeFEST, but I’m waiting to hear from them. Will let you know.

Patreon and RSS added

I’ve mentioned on my twitter before, but I have a Patreon page. If you want to support my efforts, but don’t have enough space for my stuff, then head on down there. It’s barebones at the moment, but I’ll add more as I reach goals and what not.

I’ve also finally added an RSS feed. So far it doesn’t show any comic post, but I’ll change that as soon as possible.

The next Cantina Limbo page is coming along nicely. I hope to post this either today or tomorrow.