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End of the Year Update

Well, it’s been a while, but a couple of things.

Portfolio is now up! Seriously, it took me this long to put it together?

Cantina Limbo is back! Now on tumblr: http://cantinalimbo.tumblr.com/ Expect new pages coming early next year!

Will rework the store front with digital only goodies. For now, I’ve removed the links, so stay tuned!

Added Instagram link on the about section. I heavily underestimated the reach capacity of it compared to tumblr and twitter.

Cantina Limbo’s in Limbo

So, I’m not sure where to place Cantina Limbo at the moment. When I redesigned the site, I removed Webcomic/Inkblot and replaced it with Comic Easel for faster loading time. Originally I meant for Cantina Limbo to be part of the main site, but now I don’t think that’s quite working out.

I have plans to either move it back to the subdomain, or move it to tumblr where it can be shared and be promoted with much ease.

AFest Badge Art

With AnimeFEST come and gone, I’m now able to post the badge art I did for the event. These were for, in order, Panels, Press, Media, Pooled members, and Artist Alley.

Afest was pretty fun, I had pieces at the art show, and I did my very first panel.

Next stop, Alamo City Comic Con!