Author: Ho-Seh Esquivel

  • Drawlloween/Inktober Day 1-5

    As you already know, I’m doing both INKtober and Drawlloween challenges this month. This is the best stuff from the last five days so far.

  • Massive Update

    Whew, did I neglect this website! Apologies for not posting as often as I promised, but I’ve been busy this past year. If you’ve been following me (all two of you), you know I’ve been keeping up with my Tumblr and Instagram. Now for some updates! New art in the portfolio section – I’ve been […]

  • Ixchel Machina

    Hi there! You might be interested in knowing that I’m announcing Ixchel Machina, a game I’m developing by myself. I’ve been jumping to the development game for a while since I joined the Dallas Society of Play and Mish Mash Machine. I also started a separate blog just for this game at Check it […]

  • Character Design – Lionheart

    I got this idea while playing Guilty Gear and looking through early Chris Jericho’s history.